3 Essential Ways To Avoid Burnout

You are all excited to start working out. The end result of every workout is high levels of serotonin, the hormone that makes you feel happy, this gives you motivation. But all this excitement can make you forget about the risk of burnout. The first few days are crucial because you end up pushing yourself very hard. The motivation for working out is very difficult for some but for you, nope, that’s not the case. To sustain your workout program for the months and years ahead, you need to keep in mind few things or else you might end up burning out.

Here are three ways that you can avoid exercise burnout.

Make Variations In The Intensity Of The Workout

You should keep in the fact that not all workouts are needed to do with great intensity. It would be in your best interests to limit high-intensity workouts to 1 or 2 in a week. Begin your workout routine with moderate exercises and increase the intensity as your body gets used to this new routine. Slowly push bar higher, one small step at a time. This technique will be beneficial for your body in the long run as it gets to rest and recovers easily between workouts.

Make Gym Sessions Fun

All work and no play will make you a zombie, well not really. But you may start feeling dull and tired all the time. Exercising or working out should make you feel energetic and happy. It is of utmost importance that you enjoy what you do or else it is just a punishment for your body and mind. Including fun in your workout will decrease the chances of burnout.

How to make your workout sessions fun? You can trade your gym session with shooting hoops with a friend, rollerblading in the park, visit a local lake and get in some swimming or beach volleyball. Hiking is also a great option, this way are in the nature with huge amounts of oxygen for your body.

If it’s so fun it doesn’t really feel like exercise, it’s perfect for this purpose. These sessions will help to revitalize you so that when you do head back into the gym, you’re feeling mentally fresh.

Tune In To Your Body

Last but not the least, tune into your body. Our human body has a way of conveying burnouts. As a beginner, you may not be aware of this fact and might not be able to adjust your workout accordingly. Once you take it slow and start observing reactions of your body, you’ll find any signs of burnout (if any). It’s okay to push yourself through a minor fatigue, but you need to figure out and make sure it is a minor one. Pushing yourself may land you into injuries, which may be long lasting.

Over-enthusiasm can blindfold you to a serious and real thing called burnout. Even though it is good to be motivated but make sure you keep a tab on your body’s reaction to the workout. You wouldn’t want yourself seriously injured. No workout program is set in stone. The best workouts are adapted to your own changing needs.

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