Loose Weight Like A Celebrity

Just like your celebrities are human beings too. They tend to find workout sessions boring as you do. How do they manage to maintain their super hot bodies? We all would like to know. Here you’ll find out more about their motivations and what keeps them going? Celebrity trainers use various tricks to get their clients working out and sweating like a pig.

Keep reading if you are interested in knowing the celebrity secrets for weight loss.

Build Stamina

Cardio, muscle training, interval training, circuit training and stretching help you build a strong core. These exercises may seem exciting in the beginning but as you progress it may seem boring. To keep things fresh and spontaneous physical trainers of celebrities keep on changing the order. This keeps them on their toes and interested what may come next.

A quick tip by Amy Rosoff Davis who is a trainer for Selena Gomez:

“Switch your workout routine to make it interesting. Be spontaneous.”

Listen To Your Body

There should be a balance in your workout. Listen to what your body says. If you are a little tired then, some stretching and yoga are enough. This opinion is not only shared by trainers but also by  celebrity doctors.They advise paying attention to any sudden pains. If there is a persisting pain in your body take some rest and consult your doctor. If this is ignored for a long time, it may lead to a serious injury.

You may think of these signals as “Check Engine” of a car. Overtraining, small injuries and sleep disorder are just a few triggers of serious injuries. You need to be alert and watch out for any signals your body might be sending. Every person’s body is unique, so are the signals.

Many celebrity trainers take care that their client has proper rest and they also investigate the constant pain if experienced at any point.

Enjoy Yourself

Even if you are someone who doesn’t like to workout a lot, there must be some physical activity you enjoy. Engage in something like a gym workout, yoga, trailing, hiking, swing dance class, pole dance, options are infinite. You need not hit the gym, every time you feel to sweat it out. “Workout is boring!” is the most used excuse, second to “I don’t have time!”.

The first rule of enjoying your workout is not to see it as a punishment or a chore. Try to envision it as  a stress relief from the hard day of work. Try to name few advantages of working out in your head (the results don’t count!)

Why do you think celebrities have bitch ass bodies!

Mix Your Workout

Repeating the same sets of exercises every single day will become eventually and seem like a punishment. The result? You’ll skip your workout. Keep them fresh by adding various types of workouts. You can try yoga, dance, pilates, hiking, sports and various other activities every once in a while. There are innumerable home exercises you can perform with your babies or partners.

Celebrities are able to keep their body in shape because they keep rotating their workout sessions. Workout sessions with most varieties have reported being the most enjoyed sessions according to a poll conducted by University of British Columbia in 2014.

Listen To Music

According to a study in 2015 by McMaster University, 95% of the exercisers said that they had the most fun working out when they had sessions with music.

Fast paced music with 140-160 bpm is known to boost energy levels and mood. If you are timing your music to match with your running them try songs or music with 180 bpm.

This is how celebrities maintain high energy levels during workouts.

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