5 Foods For Healthy Heart

Heart is a continuous pumping machine in your body that keeps you alive. Many people suffer from some sort of heart disease or blood pressure or cholesterol. The heart is an organ working 24 hours without any rest.

Food plays a vital part in preventing and recovering from any disease or health threat. There foods which will protect and boost your health and immune systems. To keep your heart pumping without any stress, you need to incorporate few foods in your diet. These foods will satisfy your sweet tooth and savor your taste buds.


Watermelons are 92% water and have rich levels of Vitamins A, B and C. Lycopene, antioxidants, potassium and amino acids are also components of this fruit. Especially, Lycopene is a compound which helps in thinning the blood which makes it easier to pump. This reduces a lot of pressure from heart. It is a powerful antioxidant which boosts the heart health.

Arginine is an amino acid present in watermelon responsible for promoting blood circulation. To get maximum benefits of watermelon, let it ripen fully. The redder the watermelon the better the benefits.


Yogurt can satisfy your sweet tooth as well as savory buds. This is a treat which does not clog your heart and also reduces the risk. Low-fat yogurt makes it easy for the blood cells to absorb antioxidants. These antioxidants make it easy for the heart to pump easily. This increases your metabolism, lowers your BMI and levels of triglycerides.

Carotid arteries are major blood supplying vessels to the brain. This puts a lot of stress on them. If there is a plaque on the walls of these blood vessels the heart pumps harder. This increases the risk of a stroke, heart attack, and any heart-related disease. Yogurt helps thins the blood and reduce the plaque built up on the walls of carotid arteries.

Yogurt is also highly potent in weight loss, which makes it easier for the heart to pump blood. Just make sure your yogurt does not contain highly processed sugar. You can add berries or slices of your favorite fruit to your cup of yogurt.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” For those with heart-related health issues, the saying should go “A tomato a day, keeps the cardiologist away.” Tomato is highly rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A and C, folic acid, beta-carotene, and lycopene. All these components are sufficient enough to keep your heart pumping healthily. Clinical tests have shown that people with a past of heart disease had better blood pressure after consumption of tomato.

They provide the same benefits as watermelon, except these are savory.

Collard Greens

This leafy vegetable is a multi-nutrition food with Vitamins K, A and C, folate, manganese, calcium and fiber and much more. The nutrients in Collard Greens slows down the blood clotting and prevents deposition of plaque on the walls of the arteries. They bind themselves with the bile in the digestive tract and flush out toxins from your body thus reducing cholesterol from your body. The anti-inflammatory properties of Collard Greens increase cardiovascular health.


Quinoa is basically a seed but is consumed like grains. This is a great source of vegetable protein which promotes heart and kidney health. This grain is an effective food to regularize your blood pressure. It is fibrous in nature and helps neutralize cholesterol in your body. The best part is, it is gluten free.

So these are the 5 foods that help prevent any threats to your heart. If you have already suffered a heart attack it is never too late to make healthy lifestyle choices. If you haven’t started then do now.

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