How To Accelerate Weight Loss Naturally

We all work hard for better results. But the way we work help us achieve our stated goals. Hard work, determination, and focus make the difference in a right direction. For weight watchers, fats in the body is a great obstacle. It is rightly said that it is easy to gain kilos then to shed them. Stressing about the fact that you need to shed those extra kilos on your thighs or belly can is not a solution.

Learning about new remedies is motivating, but to actually follow it up is a task in itself. Altering your day to day habits makes a difference, for instance, using stairs rather elevators.

Likewise, below mentioned are the 5 most effective alterations which will accelerate your weight/fat loss goals.

1.    Sipping Warm Water

Your body dehydrates constantly and water intake after regular intervals makes the difference here. Supposedly if a person is sipping water in short interval his body get hydrated more often which in turn accelerates shedding kilos. Apart from helping to lose weight, drinking lots of water reduces mouth odor while being around people.

2.    Eating Fruits Empty Stomach

It is advised by many expert nutritionists to eat fruits as they are a rich source of vitamins and fibers. But very few people are aware of the fact that consuming fruits at the right time double the benefits. Eating fruits on an empty stomach in the morning will not only help to cut down carbs but will surely make your skin look younger.

3.    Sleeping On Time

Due to being on the social ladder 24*7, we forget to get undisturbed sleep of complete eight hours. This is undoubtedly is a key ingredient in getting rid of fats. If you look back to the older generation, you may notice that they are healthier than this highly “social” generation. They used to sleep early and get up on time. 10pm-6am is the most important time, as, during this period, our body aura gets healed. Early to bed early to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise. It surely is difficult to adopt this kind of lifestyle due to a busy schedule. But we can at least try to avoid unnecessary distractions.

4.    Cut Your Counts On Cigarettes

We humans are bound by our habits. It is difficult to get rid of them easily, especially smoking. It requires determination backed by strong willpower. Smoking cannot be completely stopped on day 1 but can be gradually reduced.

5.    Over Eating Due To Emotional Breakout

Human beings are driven by emotions. Emotions behind the scene are the subjective experiences that trigger cognitive processes, physical sensations, behavior, mental and physiological changes. During that phase, it is good to keep our mind alert and think rationally and take steps forward. It is a general habit of people to overeat while suffering emotional trauma or stress. Rather than binging on fast food, getting involved in a hobby, exercising or simply taking a hot water shower or bath will increase serotonin in the body.

Rather than binging on fast food, getting involved in a hobby, exercising or simply taking a hot water shower or bath will increase serotonin in the body.


Everybody deserves to live a happy life and happiness is not just limited to being filthy rich, being at a power position. These are all materialist values, but the real happiness lies in being physically and mentally fit. When one achieves this he is at a better position to enjoy the material things around.

To prioritize mental and physical health may be difficult for some. Above mentioned 5 small and easy alterations are small steps to eradicate bad habits and welcome the good change and settle down with it.

Do comment and feel free to share your opinion on how these simple steps are helping you out.

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