Top 5 Ways To Manage Weight While At Work

People who sit at a desk for more than eight hours a day then are bound to gain weight. But is there is no escape to earn our own bread and butter? After an individual becomes an adult he has to work to earn his living. And when a person starts working barely he/she is left to relax or to pay attention to their health.

It’s always said to prioritise good health, because if one is mentally and physically fit he/she can manage to work well. Due to the increase in a number of indoor works, there is hardly any exertion to our physical body. Desk jobs are making people overweight and sick in certain cases.

So here we provide you with top 5 ways to manage weight while being at work.

Ditch Carbonated Drinks And Preserved Food

Often to get off the work load people drink carbonated soft drinks, eat packaged food which contains harmful preservatives. There are many drinks which come with a tag of diet on it but that does not mean they don’t add up to your weight. Packaged food undoubtedly saves our time and are tasty too but we need to ditch it as it surely increases waist size. Saturated fats contained in preserved food also make our body weak which leads to a sick leave at the workplace. So say no to carbonated soft drinks and preserved food now.

Increase Body Movements

While on work we do receive many calls, here if we make a habit to walk while talking on the phone it can burn calories and increase blood circulation. After lunch, you can take a walk, which helps food to digest well. While going to office use stairs instead of elevators. After every hour stretch your muscles. If you are going through any document or reading anything if you have enough space at you place, then take a walk and read.  A few steps here and there can add up. Basically keeping our body parts active can help us in a way to burn calories.

Drink Water

Keep sipping in water, because this is one of the most effective ways to push down those extra kilos. We get so much engrossed in the work that we forget to hydrate our body. By sipping water after small intervals can make a lot of difference. This will not only help to lose weight but it also improves the inner body strength and quality of the skin.

Eat Smaller Portions

Well, to shed kilos you don’t need to cook any specific recipe by your own. Instead what you can do is, eat fibre and nutrient rich food in small proportions. If you want to drop fats in a healthy and sustainable way, then instead of cutting on food completely you can consume 12,22-15,00 calories a day. Most of the people get so much obsessed with overweight that the completely stop eating, this weakens our body which is not a good idea. While eating smaller meals you should avoid saturated fats intake and many other calorie-rich desserts.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is an ideal drink as it is rich in its anti-oxidant properties. At the workplace, tea breaks are common. Instead of getting milk tea swap it with green tea. Green tea accelerates weight loss as it improves metabolism in the body. Apart from this other evident benefits of green tea are: lower the risk of cancer, improves brain function, enhances physical performance, makes skin look younger and lowers risk of dental infection.

Adapting this can help you to not gain extra kilos when you are already feeling overweight. These habits will keep a control on calorie intake. Adding up to 20-30mins of workout in the morning can act as cherry on the cake. There are few market available supplements which help to cut fats without causing any side effects.

Work pressures can cause you to stress eat which of course leads to weight gain. there are weight loss supplements available which reduce your appetite and thus reduces your weight gain.

Acai Berry with Green Tea is a weight loss supplement aimed to exactly the same. It helps you break down fats in the cells.  Acai Berry has proved to improve cellular health, mental function and also slows down the aging of the body. When combined with Green Tea it provides with weight loss.

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